Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 21
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 21

Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride

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Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride

The Experience:

Mount Fiji (Fujisan) is Japan’s highest mountain and a perfectly shaped volcano, worshipped as a sacred mountain. It is one of Honshu Island’s greatest pride. The symmetrical cone with a snow-capped top has become a symbol of Japan and is frequently depicted in Japanese art. It has become a favorite subject of Japanese literature too. Many poems have been dedicated to the glorious volcano. This volcano is dormant, the last time it erupted was in 1708. Ancient samurai used the base of the mountain to train. Nowadays, it is an international destination for mountain climbing.

Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 1
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 1
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 2
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 2
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 3
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 3
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 4
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 4
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 5
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 5

Approximately 200,000 people climb the mountain every year, one third being foreigners. Pilgrims visit a number of Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples and torii gates located on the slopes of Mount Fiji. It can be seen from Tokyo and Yokohama on a clear day. There are five lakes on the northern side and they are also visited as they provide a great view of the mountain and offer a variety of water sports entertainment. The three small cities of Gotemba, Fujiyoshida, and Fujinomiya surround the mountain as well.

Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 6
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 6
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 7
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 7
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 8
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 8
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 9
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 9
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 10
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 10

The mountain is part of the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. The nickname given to the mountain, Konohana-Sakuahime means making the blossom bloom brightly, and you can see why such a nickname was given to the mountain in spring when pink cherry blossoms frame the snowy peak. Camping is not allowed on the mountain, but there are lodges situated all over the mountainside offering meals to climbers.

The most beautiful sight is the sunrise from the summit and people hike through the night to be able to witness this magnificent moment. The climb is rather steep and takes about eight hours, but it can be the experience of a lifetime. Japanese Buddhists revere the mountain as a gateway to another world and watching the sunrise can make you understand why they do this.

Getting a glimpse of the mountain is considered a luxury by many tourists. In fact, setting foot to the historic and sacred Mt. Fuji has been a once-in-a-lifetime goal of many Japanese and foreigners alike. The bookings made by foreigners are enough evidence for this claim.

Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 11
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 11
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 12
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 12
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 13
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 13
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 14
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 14
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 15
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 15

Visiting Mt. Fiji also opens a string of travel adventure to those who seek fun and excitement. Luxury travel to this world-renowned mountain can be made more thrilling by visiting the Sengen Shrine. A lot of providers offer horseback riding, travel boating, trail hiking, and other worthwhile activities that will familiarize you with the surroundings of Mt. Fuji.

When to go

Mount Fuji is open for climbing during July and August. During this time, many huts and surrounding facilities are operational, providing additional experience to visitors.

Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 16
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 16
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 17
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 17
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 18
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 18
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 19
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 19
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 20
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 20

How to get there

The closest airport is Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport, 80 kilometers from the volcano. International airports such as the one in Tokyo or Chiba are a few hours away. You can also travel by train along the Tokaido Line between Tokyo and Osaka.

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Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 21
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 21
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 22
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 22
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 23
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 23
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 24
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 24
Mount Fuji - Japan's Peaking Pride 25
Mount Fuji – Japan’s Peaking Pride 25

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