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Travel to Crete Greece

Holiday & Travel Guide For Crete, Greece


Travel to Crete Greece. Rethymno is a beautiful resort on the island of Crete, and it is a great base for you to explore the island from. There are quite a few sights to see, one of the first places is the Nerage Mosque, the architecture inside is wonderful. A little further down the road in the old town is the Neratze Mosque Minaret, it’s quite an impressive building but unfortunately, it can only be viewed from the outside.

The town has a good range of museums to visit, from archaeological ones to historic folklore and even sea life, so you won’t be short on places to visit. A must see has to be the fortress in Rethymno, you can’t miss it, it’s in a star shape and has a mosque in the middle, it’s quite a focal point of the Island it was built in the 15th century and nowadays is used for tourists to visit and for concerts.

The Guora gate takes you into the old town of Rethymno, which has some fine examples of Venetian architecture and it offers plenty of photo opportunities all around its narrow streets. But the most sensational building to visit in Crete has to be Arkadi Monastery, it has a vast amount of historical importance which you can learn about from one of the guided tours, the architecture is fantastic and is a definite must see before you leave the island. Read also: Greece Travel Destinations


You are spoilt for choice for great beaches in and around Rethymno, the town’s main beach is over 20 kilometers long, but it can be rather crowded throughout the school holiday times, as it does offer great facilities for families. The waters can be a little dangerous for those who are not strong swimmers; there can be a strong undercurrent that will sweep you away, so if the warning flags are out cautious.

There are a variety of water sports available with the usual windsurfing and jet skis. If you’re looking for a less crowded beach then Prevelli beach would be ideal, it can get a little windy but it keeps you cool when the heat is soaring into the ’30s and has wonderful scenery to look at while you’re topping up your tan. Those who may require walking aids would perhaps find it too difficult to walk back up the steep hill to catch the bus back to the town, so bear this in mind. Read also: Santorini Greece Travel Beautiful Places


There are so many choices of places to dine in Rethymno, in the old town as well as the new one. The choice of food is also very varied and will suit most tastes; some of the restaurants use photos of their dishes with no description, but if it looks good and the price is right then give it a try. Most of the dishes are meat or fish based on vegetables and spices, which are quite tasty. There are cafes that sell fast food like burgers and filled baguettes.


There are a few high spirited clubs around the town playing the latest music, so the younger age group will be able to dance the night away, while the rest of you can enjoy the varied street entertainment you can pretty much find around every corner. The larger hotels usually offer some decent family entertainment, or there are many nice bars to sit and have a cocktail and watch the sun go down around the picturesque harbor.

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