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Venice in A Weekend

Venice, Italy Is a Remarkable City to Visit

Venice in A Weekend. Hotels in Venice, Italy offer the visitor hundreds from which to choose. There are the very expensive, five-star hotels as well as lesser expensive accommodations for visitors wishing to spend less money on a room and more money exploring this beautiful city. You will never have a problem finding hotels in Venice due to a large number of rooms available.

If you ask the residents of Venice, what they suggest you do and see while visiting their city, some of them will tell you to roam the streets and alleys for a few hours. If you choose to do this you will find yourself walking through some of the most quaint and interesting squares and streets in the city. Another reward for this venture is the fact that you will often find the streets and alleys to be nearly empty of people yet full of charm.

Once you decide to wander out you should consider a visit to St. Mark’s Basilica. Outside you will be greeted with the big onion domes as well as the multi-covered marble pillars. Inside you will see stunning floor to ceiling mosaics. Inside you will also find three smaller museums. If you can only visit one of them choose the one that takes you up the narrow and steep staircase. Here you will find the original horses which once overlooked the square. More importantly, however, is the walk you will be able to take out on the roof where you will enjoy the splendor of overlooking the square. Next, to the Basilica you will find the Doge’s Palace. If you visit here you will have the opportunity to walk over the famous Bridge of Sighs.

You cannot visit Venice without taking a grand canal tour. This is an easy and enjoyable way to see Venice. If you board the #1 Vaporetto it runs the length of the Grand Canal. It is an alternative for taking a bus tour although it offers more beauty and charm than sitting on a bus. Another way to get a different view of Venice is by taking the elevator to the top of the Campanile. Campanile, also known as the bell tower, offers great views of the city that cannot be seen in any place else.

If you enjoy foods then visit Rialto Market. This is not a grocery store; instead, it is a food market. Here you will have the chance to mingle with the local residents who shop here in order to stock their kitchens. The market is also known for the varieties of fish as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you have made reservations for one of the hotels in Venice you will then need to decide where you want to go and what you want to see. Venice is a remarkable city; unfortunately, you will not be able to do and see everything there is to offer in one trip.

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