The tourist islands Of Madeira
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The Tourist Islands Of Madeira

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The Tourist Islands Of Madeira

The Tourist Islands Of Madeira. Madeira is an archipelago of Portugal in the northeast Atlantic Ocean and it offers one of the most beautiful landscapes of the country. As well as the Azores, the archipelago is an autonomous region, with his own administration located in Funchal.

The Funchal Municipality has an area of 71,1 km2 and it includes 10 civil parishes: Imaculado Coração de Maria, Monte, Santo António, São Gonçalo, Santa Luzia, São Martinho, Santa Maria Maior, São Pedro, São Roque, Sé.

The archipelago is formed by two inhabited islands (Madeira and Porto Santo), and by two groups of small uninhabited islands (Desertas and Selvagens). It has 10 municipalities: Calheta, Câmara de Lobos, Funchal, Machico, Ponta do Sol, Porto Moniz, Porto Santo, Ribeira Brava, Santana, Santa Cruz, and São Vicente.

The islands are volcanic. The highest peaks of the region are, in Madeira Island, the Pico Ruivo da Santana (1861 m), and in Porto Santo, the Pico do Facho (517m). Due to their volcanic origin, all the islands have deep ravines and rugged mountains. In Madeira Island, the beaches have no sand. The narrow coastlines are made by black rugged material.

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The growing rate of the population is high, and the socio-economic structure of the archipelago doesn’t allow the use of all the workmanship of the region. For this reason, there’s a lot of migration to the mainland and foreign countries. In the same way, the rural population, seeking for better socio-economic conditions, leave the countryside and go to Funchal.

Despite the irregular terrain, part of the soil is cultivated at the coast of enormous effort of the population. The cultivated area is about 30% of the surface of the main island (Madeira). This was achieved with the construction of terraces and irrigation channels. From the remaining surface, 40% is covered with vegetation.

The most important products from the agricultural production, in the economy of Madeira are sugar cane, banana productions, cereals, and wine. The wine is known all over the world. Cattle creation is an important part of the economy of small farmers. The fishing is another activity that can be found in different locations across the coastline.

For the tourists visiting Madeira, you can find there magnificent scenery of beauty. There are big mountains, green and flowery valleys, the sight of the sea and the cliffs along the coastline, the white sand beaches in Porto Santo. Tourism is one of the main economic activity of the islands.

The archipelago has a pleasant climate all year round, the air temperature rarely falling below 16°C in winter or rising above 22°C in summer. Due to the influence of the Gulf Stream, the water temperature varies between 17° and 21°C. The prevailing winds are north-easterly and all the ports and anchorages are sheltered from this direction. Only the more variable winds of winter can cause problems, otherwise, it can be visited all year round.

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