Day Trips From Zurich Switzerland
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Day Trips from Zurich Switzerland

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Day Trips from Zurich Switzerland

Day Trips from Zurich. The largest city in Switzerland is a busy and bustling metropolis but set in some of the most scenic places on earth. It is close to the Alps makes for a great jumping off point for a ski vacation but the city itself is well worth exploring. Though not the capital of Switzerland, Zurich is the most visited city and is an exciting and cosmopolitan city with lots to do, see, and eat. It is also extremely efficient as far as its public transportation goes making it very friendly for travelers to explore. The city itself can be expensive, as are most places in Switzerland, but if you plan early you can find a lot of ways to save money such as renting a vacation home so you can eat more meals in and purchasing tickets to venues in advance often equates to good discounts. Here are some of the best places to see while you are exploring the city in the Alps.


This historic center of Zurich is Altstadt with its medieval cobblestone streets, quaint shops, and restaurants. The oldest part dates all the way back to the ancient Romans when they once ruled the area. Lindenhof hill is also a main public square but has had human settlements since the prehistoric era. You can view Roman ruins but mostly the historic area is a place to relax and enjoy the community around you. St. Peter’s church can be found here which was once built on the site of the Roman temple to Jupiter. Each street is lined with medieval buildings and the ancient wall that once protected the city can also be seen.

The 14th-century Fraumunster abbeys, as well as the Augustinian abbey, are among the many historic sites here in the cities old town. The Church of Our Lady also located here had beautiful stained glass windows and along with the 12th century, Great Church is two of the most recognizable landmarks in Zurich. In the Niederdorf neighborhood, the streets are filled with lots of shops, restaurants, and bars, making it one of the liveliest spots for enjoying the nightlife.

Flutern Cemetary

If you are in the mood for some spooky sightseeing, the Flutern Cemetary is the final resting place to many remarkable people who have lived in Zurich. The famous James Joyce, who wrote the iconic Ulysses, lived here during the turn of the century and probably the most visited gravesite. The cemetery is a perfect place to hike or bike to and is one of the most scenic cemeteries you’ll come across in your travels. In the summer the grounds are green and lush and bordered by a beautiful wooded area. It’s truly a chance to enjoy nature and appears to be more like a park than a cemetery. The hills also provide some great views of the area as well.

Zurich Zoo

A short walk from Flutern Cemetary and you walk right into one of the best zoos in Europe. This massive zoo first opened in 1929 and now displays over 300 species. The grounds of the zoo are covered in beautiful foliage and flowers that will surely relax visitors no matter what their age. The zoo has all of the most exciting animals and plants and is also heavily involved in conservation efforts around the world. It will no doubt delight the youngest of travelers the most including the beautiful new rainforest exhibit.

Swiss National Museum

This museum, located within an actual castle, houses many artifacts tracing back throughout Switzerland’s history. It offers interesting anecdotes and stories about the nation’s history. Keep in mind though, since the museum was, in fact, a castle and not a modern building, the layout can be somewhat confusing but a good map and some patience and you are sure to get your money’s worth. The castle also has some tall towers that give you a great panoramic view of the city. There are also several other art museums throughout the city to explore as well such as the Kunsthaus Zurich and Rietberg Museum.

Lake Promenade

If you want to relax and enjoy a warm summer day with the locals, a trip to the Lake Promenade will be well worth a visit. People gather by the thousands during the summer. The nearby Lake Zurich boasts many boaters and sunbathers and with the beautiful mountains in the background, it is post-card perfect. The entire area is adorned with beautiful flowers, trees, and foliage and will make you forget you are in a landlocked country. If you rent a boat and tour the lake you can admire the charming Swiss cottages and birds fluttering about while you take in the fresh mountain air. Though winter months can quite chilly on the lake, the snowy white view and quite chilled air are breathtaking.

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