Easter island Vacation
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Easter Island Vacation

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Easter Island Vacation

Easter Islands Statues – Preserved With Secrets

Easter Island Vacation. White Sands New Mexico is the most popular one and is been in demand by many of the tourists to visit here. If you plan to have a holiday then you can definitely come down here which will be the best choice. Traveling to Mexico just to see the beaches is worth but more than that the previous site is the White Sands New Mexico.

This dessert is been located at the Tularosa Basin with the area covered of 275 square miles. The place where this monument is been situated in case you explore is in Las Cruces, New Mexico and even in Alamogordo. White Sands New Mexico is been as the eighth wonder of the world because it is so beautiful. This dessert is a natural beauty which is also known as the largest gypsum dune field.

These fields change grows, slump and crest. White Sands New Mexico is the destination where one has a halt while traveling from Mexico. There is a lot of parking place here to park the cars, caravan, and RVs which are been carried by many tourists. This desert here is not only arid but it grows a major portion of plants and animals which changes according to the weather and environment present.

Easter Island Statues are to be discovered by the Dutch Sea Captain Jacob Roggevee in the year 1722. It is been the calmest and lonely island to be found. These Easter Island Statues are been located in the mid-region of Chile and Tahiti. The uniqueness of the island is that it is been in a triangular shape when you can have a look from a bird’s eye view.

Due to the volcanic region, there are hardly any trees but there are very small hills on which these Easter Island Statues are been placed. This island was named Easter Island because on the Easter day the captain found this place very beautiful so he named after that. If you go for a one day trip in this place it will be worth and a wonderful vacation. Here on Easter Island Statues, you can notice that there are sculptures of a head of the human begins which are very huge and tall.
There are differences in these sculptures because some heads have long ears which are the superior and the other with short ears is the slave of the long one. These heads are been called as Moai and the superior use to punish them by digging them half in the ground which one can notice from some heads. The most spectacular view in Easter Island Statues is to see the heads facing to the sea and at night the moon rises from behind.

Jefferson Memorial is been built after the Pantheon of Rome. This place is the most memorable one to the third president of America. The designer or the architect made is in neoclassical style and is a monument to Washington. The name of this monument was given because the circular colonnaded structure was been built in classic style by Thomas Jefferson in America.

The construction of Jefferson Memorial was started in 1939 and completed in the year 1943. This monument is been ranked as the fourth in the list of Americans favorite architecture. The white color of this monument attracts many visitors to visit. The interior is 19 foot tall and the weight of the Rudulph Evans which is in bronze is of 4336 kg.

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