Where to Stay In Sardinia
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Where to Stay in Sardinia

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Where to Stay in Sardinia

Great Places to Visit in Sardinia

Where to Stay in Sardinia. Sardinia is one of the most popular places to visit in Italy. An island set off to the west of the mainland, it has many beaches, towns, and villages that are worth seeing. It also has a wide range of archaeological sites to explore if you are so inclined. As you can see there are lots of reasons to leave your villa in Sardinia in favor of exploring somewhere different every day.

Here are some of the highlights the island has to offer.


This is one of the more popular places to stay on the island. You’ll find it located at the southern end of the island, and if you have hired a car for your holiday you can access other parts of the region easily from here by hopping on the SS131 heading north. The town has a long history stretching back into ancient times and there are many historical places to see here, including a Roman amphitheater. If you stay in a villa in Sardinia in the Cagliari region you will have good access to local beaches as well.


At the opposite end of the island to Cagliari, you will find Alghero. This ancient town has been inhabited since prehistoric times. There are many signs from the past that still exist in the town, which is one of the many reasons why it is worth a visit. You can spot the old city walls that date from the 16th century and visit the Cathedral; this was originally opened to the town’s inhabitants back in 1593, although it would not be properly consecrated until more than a century later.


The name of this town dates from Roman times and it is a popular haunt if you are staying in a villa in Sardinia in the northeastern part of the island. One of the most appealing reasons to visit the town is to see the National Archaeology Museum. The building is of a modern and eye-catching design, and inside you will learn about the history of the town of Olbia and its surrounding area in particular.

Porto Cervo

Even if your villa in Sardinia is a little further afield, you should pay a visit to Porto Cervo, a beautiful resort based in the northeastern corner of Sardinia. It offers a marina and a delightful village and is close to many other destinations in northern Sardinia that people love to visit – including Olbia and Palau. Keep an eye on the port itself as many large luxury yachts come into moor here.

As you can see, the island is packed with places to go. No matter where you decide to stay for the duration of your holiday you will never be far from several of the best places to visit on the island. Whether you opt for northern or southern Sardinia you can look forward to trying one or two of the places listed above.

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