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Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise

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Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise

Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise – Romance and Relaxation

Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise. What could be more perfect than spending your first days and nights together on a romantic Caribbean honeymoon cruise? Feel the cool breezes as you stand by the rail, admiring the sunset. Smell the sea air as you bask in the sun and enjoy cocktails by the pool. Sway to the sounds of lilting music as you dance with your arms around the one you love. What could be better? Read also: Mediterranean Honeymoon Cruise

Choosing a Cruise Line

When considering a Caribbean honeymoon cruise, you will want to take time to do a little bit of research to see what cruise line is best for you. They are all a little different and one may fit your personality better than another.

Your definition of what your honeymoon should be will help determine with which cruise company you should book. If you are seeking a quiet cruise offering the finest in food and amenities, where alone time is easy to achieve and it’s not hard to escape the crowd, you might want to consider one of the luxury cruise lines.

Though they tend to be pricey, onboard their ships you will be treated to the best life has to offer, from gourmet food and fine champagne to unique shore excursions to first-class spa treatments you can enjoy together. Luxury cruise lines include Cunard, Seabourn, Crystal, and Regent Seven Seas.

If you prefer sharing your fun with others and enjoy a high-energy atmosphere that keeps you moving all the time, you should probably choose something other than the luxury lines. Carnival, for example, is known for their “Fun Ships,” where the activity is non-stop and the overall atmosphere exudes youth and liveliness. Despite the energy, however, you can still grab plenty of private moments.

If something in between seems like a good compromise, you will have a number of cruise lines from which to choose. These more low-key lines still offer a variety of activities, but the general atmosphere is calmer. Check out Norwegian, with its “freestyle cruising” that allows for a more laid-back cruise; Royal Caribbean, where you’ll feel pampered but at an affordable price; or Celebrity, where you’ll be treated like, well…a celebrity. Read: Destinations in Caribbean

Choosing a Destination

Any Caribbean honeymoon cruise will be romantic because you will be with your new spouse. However, you can make it even more special by choosing ports of call that reflect your interests. For example, the islands of the Southern Caribbean, like Dominica, are perfect for diving enthusiasts.

If you like ancient history and want to include some sightseeing opportunities in your cruise itinerary, consider a Western Caribbean cruise, where you can visit such sites as the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula. Head east and you can go shopping in St. Thomas, explore Old San Juan, or gamble in Nassau, Bahamas.

When You Book Your Cruise

When you’re ready to book your Caribbean cruise, be sure to mention to your travel agent or online customer service representative that the occasion of your cruise is your honeymoon. After all, nearly everyone is a hopeless romantic and if the crew is tipped off as to your special occasion, you’re likely to receive some special perks, like free spa treatments or in-room champagne, chocolates, or flowers.

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