Portofino Italy Things to Do
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Portofino Italy Things to Do

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Portofino Italy Things to Do

Portofino – The Pride of Liguria Italy

Portofino Italy Things to Do. Portofino is one of the lovely coastal villages in the Italian region of Liguria. Facing the Ligurian Sea and nestled on a crescent-shaped bay, the village’s port is a favorite destination for many luxury yachts. Despite its small size Portofino has earned a reputation of being a splendid resort town. Its beauty and low-key vibe have been attracting many artists and prominent personalities, who are just yearning for a laidback and relaxing holiday.

One simple yet memorable thing to do in Portofino is to walk around town, visiting the various artisan workshops. In these shops, you can witness how the exquisite patterns are done on the region’s notable product – the bobbin lace. To see the beautifully colored houses that reflect the maritime heritage of the town, stroll over to the port. While here, you can hire a boat to cruise through the gorgeous Gulf of Tigullio. Read also: Honeymoon in Italy

The village may not have as many landmarks as other bigger tourist destination in Italy, however, it is a place where you can enjoy the serene and relaxing atmosphere of a charming Italian seaside village. Nevertheless, if you still the need to sightsee, Portofino is has a couple of outstanding attractions. One of them is the Portofino Church San Giorgio, which was built in the 12thcentury. These days, you can still find some relics brought by sailors after they participated in the Crusades. If you walk outside the churchyard called parvis, you will get an amazing panorama of the sea.

After the church, consider stopping by the town’s fortress situated in a hanging garden. The Brown Castle (Castello Brown) is easily recognizable with its distinct architecture and decorations made of slate, marble, and bas-reliefs. Walk to Punta del Capo and admire the imposing lighthouse guarding the bay. But before you do, make sure to bring a camera because it will be hard to resist taking a few photos of this scenic spot.

To experience the art of Portofino, head out to the Gothic Oratory of the Brotherhood of Mary Assumed, which houses a collection of precious artwork. One of the more prominent pieces in these collections is the wooden statue of the Assumption of the Virgin, which is created during the 12th century.

Portofino and the rest of the Ligurian region are quite well known for its splendid cuisine; so do not visit the village without trying out its tasty dishes. Some of the major food offerings in the village are seafood based for the fish lovers. Also, a notable dish that all visitors should try is the Lasagna di Portofino, which features a scrumptious pesto sauce.

For a quick fix, do as the locals do; go to Piazzetta late in the afternoon or early evening, to feast on some of their famous apertivo snacks like the Genoese focaccia. Partner your meal with Giancu de Purtufin, a locally made wine from grapes grown in the Liguria area, and you can definitely say that you had genuine culinary experience in Portofino. Read also: Sardinia Italy Travel

Summer season in Portofino is quite exciting as the village usually holds many special events during this period. The feast day for San Giorgio, the patron saint of the town is celebrated on the 23rd of April. The celebration is marked by a procession and a bonfire at the town’s main square, Piazzetta. On top of the feast day, Portofino also hosts several competitions and international regattas during this time.

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