Amazing Long island New York Destinations
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Amazing Long Island New York Destinations

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Amazing Long Island New York Destinations

Long Beach, New York – The Hidden Jewel of Long Island

Long Island New York. Located on a barrier island just off of the southern coast of Nassau County, not far from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, Long Beach NY is a relaxed beach city, a laid back counterpart to its Metropolitan big brother. The perfect locale for a summer escape, Long Beach is not only the home of a collection of fine restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and unique shops, it also boasts as its central attraction a beautiful white sand beach.

A sun-loving town that slumbers peacefully through the cold of winter, it emerges from its hibernation Memorial Day weekend when the beach officially opens. Then the streets fill with sunbathers, swimmers, and surfers eager to get out onto one of the cleanest beaches in Long Island. In keeping with an atmosphere of celebration, the local restaurants open up their outdoor cafés and fill the air with the buoyant sounds of party music. Read: South Carolina Family Vacation Ideas

Long Beach’s West End boasts Beech Street, a two-mile road that runs parallel to the ocean, inland about a block. Along with this strip, there is a heavy concentration of restaurants and boutiques. There, you are never more than a few feet away from a place to get something great to eat, or another unique shop that you won’t find anywhere but Long Beach. At night many of the restaurants turn into nightclubs and bars, creating a stretch of parties all within walking distance of one another.

Downtown Long Beach is Park Ave. The main road, it runs parallel to the Beach’s boardwalk but is inland about 4 blocks. Along this street, you can find just about anything, from furniture stores and beach shops, to juice bars and health stores. While generally commercial, this area also boasts some of the finest dining in town, as well as a host of outdoor cafés where you can have a quiet bite and enjoy the sun.

A relaxed beach city, Long Beach NY has unique stores, great food, a fun atmosphere, and a beautiful beach. Located less than an hour from the city, it is the perfect place to take a short sabbatical from the flurried excitement of the metropolitan scene. While friendly and laid back, Long Beach also has some of the best restaurants in long island, as well as a host of unique shops and boutiques, and an exciting nightlife. Relatively unknown, the city by the sea is the hidden jewel of Long Island New York.

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