Honeymoon In Italy
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Honeymoon in Italy

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Honeymoon in Italy

Honeymoon in Italy – Simple and Sensational

Honeymoon in Italy. The culture of no other country in the world embraces life with as much zest as the Italian culture. Italy is a country vibrant with emotion, celebration, and opportunities to dive into life at full speed. But it is also a country full of quiet museums, peaceful hillside vineyards, golden beaches, ancient ruins, and hushed cathedrals. Italy, in other words, is a splendid place for a honeymoon.

Spending your honeymoon in Italy can find you enjoying the romance of a moonlit Venetian gondola ride, complete with a serenade. Or it might find you hiking the expenses and drinking in the magnificent Dolomite views of the Alpe di Suisi at 6500 feet in altitude Europe’s largest alpine meadow. Read also: Venice Vacation Destinations

If your ideal honeymoon in Italy would be a combination of relaxing days at the beach and a trip back in time, you won’t do better than to stay among the harbor villages and historic ruins of the Amalfi Coast. If your honeymoon budget does not allow an overnight stay in the area, you should at least experience a bus ride coast along the Amalfi Coast, where you will pass hotels and private villas clinging as if by magic to vertical hillsides above cliffs dropping some 500 feet to the tiny beaches below.

If you do not mind the idea of spending part of your honeymoon in Italy among the crowds of one of the world’s great cities, head for Rome. From the glories of Vatican City, the Villa Borghese, and St. Peter’s, to the somewhat commercial charms of the Pasta Museum, you will find something in Rome to fill every minute of your day there.

Visit the oldest public art collections in the world at the Capitoline Museum. Climb the Spanish Steps for and on parallel view of the city, and on your descent stop in at the Keats-Shelley Memorial House, a tribute to two of the world’s greatest romantics and a fitting place to visit on your honeymoon in Italy! Read also: Italy Holiday Destinations with Beaches

End your days’ activities by relaxing, as the Italians do, over a leisurely supper and one of Rome’s tucked-away eateries, which you can find in the older part of the city, the Trastevere. You will be treated to authentic, freshly-prepared Italian cuisine at remarkably affordable prices, and you will never look at take-out from an Italian restaurant back at home the same way again!

Your honeymoon in Italy, no matter where you decide to spend it, will be an exciting, romantic, and fun-filled experience and the perfect way to begin the marvelous years ahead!

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