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Prague Vacation Ideas

Top Five Places To Visit In Prague

Prague Vacation Ideas. Prague is one of the oldest cities in Europe and a hub of activity. Many different movies were filmed in Prague and it has been the background for countless others. There are some many different things to see and do here, that it is near impossible to list them all.

One of the first stops on your tour should be the Prague Castle, in the Hradcany district. This castle is the biggest in the world and founded in the 9th century. This has been home to many queens, kings, emperors, and presidents. Considered the symbol of not only the Czech Republic and Prague itself, but there also are many attractions, from the castle itself to the many churches, and can be seen through the many different tours offered.

Another must-see stop in Prague has to be the Old Town Square. This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city, and with good reason, because it is here that you will find the Astronomical Clock. The clock has intricate workings, it’s mechanical saints, small wooden puppets, come out every hour and do their regular performance, chiming in the hour to the excitement of the tourists. Even though this clock was originally built in 1410, it still keeps excellent time. Read also: Budapest Vacation Ideas

The largest square in Prague is Wenceslas, and this square boasts much history, from the Nazi’s to the Communist take over. This is actually the starting place of the Velvet Revolution. With its numerous shops and cafes, entertainers, and vendors, this is certainly the place to stop at least once while visiting.

Some of us wonder and curious about things to do in Prague in December. Maybe you can enjoy the city at night along December Holiday. The TV tower is the tallest single structure in Prague and was erected during the communist times to show the world how much power and technology they had.

Now, you can take the elevator up to the observation deck, enjoy a meal, and see spectacular panoramic views of the city at your leisure. Because this is another one of the most visited places in the city, it is a good idea to get there early.

One of the more unique attractions that Prague has to offer is the Dancing Building. This bending steel and glass structure is a modern marvel and was crafted after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, two of the most famous dancers in history. This building lies right by the Vltava River and is often a stop for many tours. Read: Backpacking Europe in Winter

Just like many other great cities around the world, Prague has a number of discounts for the tourist. One of them is that City Pass, allowing you to travel from place to place using public transportation for free, as well as getting you into some of the biggest attractions. Another way to save a lot of money here is to rent a Prague holiday apartment instead of a hotel.

A holiday apartment is not only going to have many of the same amenities that pricey hotels offer, but they are also located all over the city, even in the heart of some of the most visited areas. Be sure that if you plan to go to Prague, that you book your apartment, as well as any tours you want to include well in advance of your trip.

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