How to Plan A Trip to England
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How to Plan A Trip to England

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How to Plan A Trip to England

Planning Your London Vacation – Getting the Best From Your Vacation in London

How to Plan A Trip to England. When planning a vacation to London, the capital of England perhaps the most difficult decision you may have made is how to choose among the numerous interesting activities and sights that can be found throughout this world-famous city. London vacations offer no limits in terms of attractions and activities.

If performing arts happens to be one of your interests, you will find a wide variety of options throughout the city. In recent years, the arts seem to have blossomed, harkening back to the days when the performing arts were born in West London. Read also: Best Time to Visit Stonehenge

For those looking for relaxation, there are numerous beautiful parks where you can soak up the peace of sun and boundless green spaces. While away your days in a lush oasis such as St.

James Park, Hyde Park, Green Park or Regent Park. All of these beautiful parks are just a short walk away from the major areas of the city. Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day.

Of course, food tasting is a part of any enjoyable vacation. The food choices in London are as varied as the culture and the lifestyles of the people who live in the city. Here, you will find cuisines from all around the world.

While five-star restaurants certainly abound, particularly in the luxury hotels, it is also worth it to drop into one of the many ethnic eating places as well as excellent pubs located throughout the city. To satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t forget to stop by and purchase some Cadbury sweets before you return home.

History buffs will fall in love with the city and the wide variety of historical attractions and activities. Spend your time by visiting Big Ben, taking a river cruise on the Thames, visiting Buckingham Palace, touring the Tower of London and exploring Westminster Abbey. Travel a bit further outside the city and see the magnificent Stonehenge.

Interested in soaking up some culture? Be sure to stop by the British Museum, walk through the Victoria and Albert Museum, explore the galleries of the National Army Museum and see some of the greatest artwork in Europe at the National Gallery. Read: London on A Budget

At the end of a long day, unwind by visiting a local pub, stop by Piccadilly Circus to take in some of the scenic nightlife or drop by the Golden Nugget Casino.

Other ideas for ways in which London vacations can be spent include taking a trip to London Wall to see the massive monuments on display there or planning an adventure at one of England’s most famous theme parks, Chessington.

With such a wide array of places and activities to choose from, a vacation in London will surely be one that you will want to repeat soon.

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