Best Time to Visit Stonehenge
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Best Time to Visit Stonehenge

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Best Time to Visit Stonehenge

See Stonehenge For a Truly Spiritual Experience

Best Time to Visit Stonehenge. Why should you see Stonehenge? For one thing, it was created thousands of years ago and was a center for spiritual and Druidic activity. Located on the Salisbury Plain, in Wiltshire England, it is one of England’s and possibly the world’s Neolithic Monuments.

It is a series of concentric rings, made from huge slabs of stone, and all of these surround a stone altar in the middle. It was believed to also be a druid calendar, at the sun shines through some of the pillars four times a year, during the solstice and equinox both Summer and Winter, and Spring and Fall respectively. Read also: London on A Budget

While not truly religious to some people, pagans and nature worshipers come here each year to try to absorb some of its ancient energy. Some save money all their lives, just to come here one time.

There are actually many tours that include Stonehenge in their itinerary, and entry is often combined with Windsor Castle, the Georgian Bath, and even a tour of the famous Oxford University.

You can also visit Stonehenge privately, and is open daily from 9:30 in the morning, until 5 sharp. These times do vary according to the time of the year, with the Summertime a little longer because of the length of days, and the amount of tourists that visit. Read: Travelling Europe in Winter

If you are going for spiritual reasons, the best times to go to avoid the crowds are early in the mornings, or during the early Spring and late Fall. But if you just want to see the awesome scene you can come to see every day again and again. Also, you can bring your family to see the great megalithic site on this winter holiday.

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