Travelling Europe In Winter
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Travelling Europe in Winter

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Travelling Europe in Winter

Traveling to Europe This Winter?

Travelling Europe in Winter. Well, it’s that time of year and Wintersports are back on the television. For those who are too eager to watch and actually want to take part in snow sports, Europe has many great slopes to try out. Mobile Network 3 is taking the Wintersports season as an opportunity to remind us about international calling rates.

Several years ago. The EU legislation in 2007 brought in a maximum calling cost for all calls from EU countries back to the United Kingdom, the cap means that the maximum charge for a call to the United Kingdom will be just 28 pence per minute and the maximum cost to receive a call while in the EU is 19 pence per minute. Read also: Backpacking Europe in Winter

While the other networks have lowered their rates, and are charging much less than in previous years, they have all pretty much stuck to the EU regulation cost and not really tried to beat it. 3 have got the lowest calling rates in the EU of all the UK and EU operators, meaning you can call home without worrying about getting a massive bill the following month.

3 charge just 25 pence to call the UK from an EU country and just 10 pence per minute to receive a call while in the EU – which is less than any of the other networks, and the specialist sim cards available online.

Whether you are on 3 or any of the other UK mobile networks please be sure to check with your network operator before you travel to be sure roaming is enabled – as this is not always enabled as standard on a lot of contracts mobile phone accounts, and to check your call and text costs. Read also: Winter Sun Destinations Europe

It is still surprising how many mobile customers do not realize how much a quick call home can cost, and even more, do not think that they will be charged for a friend or family member calling them to check if they have landed safely.

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