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Christmas Holiday in Canada

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Christmas Holiday in Canada

Canada Christmas Breaks

Christmas Holiday in Canada. Canada is the ideal country to visit for a Christmas break whether you want to escape the Christmas mayhem or attend it in another country, you won’t be disappointed with what it has to offer. Located in North Northern America Canada offers its visitors dazzling cities of Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver and further cities of Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa can offer more peaceful and scenic surroundings.

Canada is a popular Christmas break retreat – where better in the world would you find natural Christmas idyllic surroundings where you are certainly guaranteed a white Christmas, endless pine tree forests and outdoor natural ice-skating rinks, Sparkling gigantic Christmas trees, winter festivals, and traditional Christmas customs all encased within some of the most beautiful surroundings you are ever likely to encounter. Read: Best Places to Go for Christmas in USA

Canada’s geographic location with the arctic circle means that temperatures can drop well below freezing during the winter months so it is advisable to bring plenty of warm and waterproof clothing. Its proximity to the North Pole is ideal for two-day trips from the mainland to Santa Land – a rare and exciting treat for the kids and the parents.

Going away for Christmas is becoming more and more popular with travel agents and tour operators making custom made Christmas breaks for singles, couples, and families. Let’s face it everyone has their own idea of what makes a great Christmas holiday it could be to spend hours preparing Christmas dinner, feast on chocolate in front of the TV all day or entertain the family with games and drinks.

The activities are also if like many you want to escape the high street queues, extravagant cost and boredom of the holiday season then maybe a trip to a sun-drenched beach listening to the waves is more appealing or if you just love everything about Christmas then a break in a Canadian mountain resort such as Calgary is perfect – where its knee-high in snow and freezing cold. Read also: Canada Travel Vancouver

Christmas shopping trips where you can combine Christmas gift buying with a bit of sightseeing are becoming increasingly popular. Many people like to book a long weekend to Canada as the flight time from the UK is only around 7 – 9 hours – the same as a trip to New York and the shops and shopping Malls will see you spend all your hard earned cash on Christmas gifts for the family – just remember to buy an extra bag to take it all home in!

The best city for Christmas shopping in Edmonton as it has the fourth largest shopping mall in the world with over 800 shops, cafes, restaurants, and department stores under one roof. The Edmonton Mall also has many indoor attractions such as a skating arena, theme park, and Imax theatre and if you are completely shopped out there is even a hotel on site.

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