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Winter Sun Destinations Europe

Winter Sun Holiday Ideas for a Range of Budgets

Winter Sun Destinations Europe. Every day, holiday brochures and adverts bombard potential travelers with images of the perfect beach. Golden sands, bright blue skies, clear waters, and towering palm trees combine to produce a picturesque setting that epitomizes the essence of rest and relaxation.

It’s a vision that is particularly attractive in winter when cold weather and minimal daylight casts a gloom across the UK. But do these ideal beaches really exist or are they simply figments of the imagination? The truth is that these seaside paradises are real and they are ideal locations for a winter sun getaway on a range of budgets.

The relative lack of people traveling over the winter season means that many hotels may offer discounts to holidaymakers between November and February: for example, a complimentary third night’s stay or discounted accommodation for children.

Nevertheless, high airline costs may still restrict holidaymakers with less cash to spend on a winter break. These travelers should look to beach destinations in southern Europe, like Spain, Cyprus or Turkey, which are often more affordable to get to by airplane. Consider urban destinations like Barcelona, too. Read also: Famous Places to Visit in Spain

Temperatures in the city might not be blazing during winter but its Mediterranean location means that its climate is often hot and dry and its centrally-located beach continues to be a hub of activity for party-goers.

Alternatively, holidaymakers with larger budgets should look towards destinations outside Europe for winter vacation ideals. For example, the warmth of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt’s most popular beach resort destination, offers a relaxing, sun-soaked solution to the winter doldrums.

At the opposite end of the continent, South Africa’s Cape Town is home to beautiful beaches in the shadow of the imposing Table Mountain. In the Americas, Florida’s year-round sunshine makes it a perfect coastal destination for a dose of winter sunshine, while Rio de Janeiro in Brazil combines its world-famous beach with an intoxicating carnival atmosphere. Read: Europe Christmas Vacation

The truly ideal destinations for winter sun holidays, however, are found in the Caribbean. Though islands like Barbados, the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic may be closer in distance to the UK than South Africa or Brazil, their exquisite beauty and long-held popularity with more wealthy holidaymakers make them more expensive overall.

Still, all-inclusive holiday packages may offer travelers hungry for a winter break an unexpected bargain on five-star accommodation. Alternatively, Cuba – still a relatively under-explored Caribbean destination – is a relatively affordable winter break option in the region.

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