Italy Holiday Destinations with Beaches
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Italy Holiday Destinations with Beaches

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Italy Holiday Destinations with Beaches

Beach Holidays in Italy

Italy Holiday Destinations with Beaches. The amazing experience of a beach holiday comes as a surprise to many visitors. To experience the beach in Italy is to find something very different from beach resorts elsewhere in the area of Mediterranean countries.

The Med, for so long now a favorite holiday destination with so many. Those of us from the colder parts of northern and continental Europe so often look to Spain, Greece and the various Mediterranean islands for our annual holidays. For another people from colder countries in the world go for the summer holiday to enjoy the beach and sunshine is a must. We have collected some information about top Italian holiday destinations include the beaches too. Read also: Sicily Travel Beautiful Places

In a sense, we like such trips because we know what to expect – great weather, packed beaches, and warm seas.

Italian beach holidays, like those experienced in the south of France, seem to give many of us different expectations. We expect a holiday in Italy to be a rather more classy affair – Italy does, after all, rival France for the title of being the most fashionable, glamorous location in Europe.

Arriving at an Italian beach for the first time can come as something of a shock. Where many other European beach resorts leave the beaches practically empty, allowing you and your family to find a suitable spot, things are rather different in Italy.

You’ll almost certainly find the beach almost covered with sun loungers, deckchairs, and sunshades. Welcome to the concept of the bathing station. Read: Milan Italy Travel Beautiful Places

People here are used to paying for their spot on the beach, which may come as a cultural shock for many of us. You will find that you pay more to spend your day towards the front of the beach, closest to the sea.

Where other beaches may see visitors playing games and splashing around in the sea, Italian beaches seem to have a more relaxed air. Welcome to a different kind of beach holiday.

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