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South Africa in November

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South Africa in November

Holiday and Traveling in South Africa

South Africa in November. If you are looking for a great holiday in South Africa, whether you are coming here from abroad or from South Africa itself, you can’t beat whale watching in Plettenberg Bay. This is a beautiful bay set in the southern part of the country towards the Port Elizabeth side of The Garden Route that runs from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

Plettenberg Bay has a great deal to offer the tourist and holidaymaker, but nothing can beat the magnificent views of the right whales of the Southern Ocean and the humpbacks as they pass round the bay. The ‘right’ whales were given their names by the whalers as being the ‘right’ whales to hunt due to their habits of swimming closer to the coast and also remaining afloat after being killed. They are now protected, being an endangered species. Read also: The Best Safari in Africa

You can also watch dolphins and seals cavorting their way around the waters of the bay, although the sea creatures are not the only attractions of Plettenberg Bay. You can enjoy almost any water sports you can think of around the beautiful beaches with mile upon mile of gorgeous golden sand, and if you like good food then you are in the right place.

While whale watching in Plettenberg Bay, you can enjoy some of the best cuisine in the whole of South Africa, ranging from traditional delicacies to well-loved western foods. Enjoy locally caught fish or a cheeseburger, but don’t forget that ‘The Garden Route’ is renowned for its high-class cuisine and Plettenberg Bay is a Wine of Origin’ region with own fabulous white cabernet sauvignon grape wines.

Whale watching in Plettenberg Bay is most popular from June to November when the right whales enter the bay, and the humpback whales are here along with their young calves from November to the end of February. Then they go off on vacation and return between May and June. You can find dolphins and Cape fur seals all year round, and Bryde’s whales are resident to this part of South Africa.

So if it’s whales and dolphins you want, a holiday in South Africa to Plettenberg Bay will keep you happy – very happy indeed with its variety of whales and other marine mammals. The best places for whale watching in Plettenberg Bay are from one of the cliffs or ridges that overlook their migration routes, such as those provided just for that purpose in Plettenberg Park, and also the Robberg Peninsula. Lookout Rocks are (obviously) also good places for whale watching as are the Beacon Island Rocks and the Van Plettenberg Monument. Read: Best Tanzania Safaris

You can also take boat trips out to see the whales and the dolphins, and as you would expect, this is a very organized tourist trade. When you take a holiday in South Africa in this southern part of the country, you never have to look very hard to find offers of dolphin or whale watching trips. Every man and his dog that has a boat will be willing to take you out – for a price!

However, it also the case that this is done responsibly and that tour operator is monitored to ensure that keep to the strict rules regarding how close they can go to the animals and how long they can stay there. Plettenberg Bay authorities act very responsibly in maintaining the minimal impact of humans and their interference with the way of life of these marine mammals.

Nevertheless, the benefits of a holiday in South Africa in this part of the country are not just restricted to the whales, dolphins, and seals, and ‘The Garden Route’ was given that name for nothing. This is a beautiful part of South Arica that you will thoroughly enjoy if you have an appreciation for nature and the way it affects the countryside. With towering forests and highlands overlooking sandy beaches and coves, you have a fabulous selection of botanical diversity and wildlife to enjoy while you are on vacation.

The rare Knysna forest elephants and the exotic and rare birdlife that is flying all around you here are just two examples of what you will find when on holiday in South Africa. You will also find massive trees with their indigenous animal populations, and large areas of wetlands with their own finely controlled ecosystems. If you are adventurous and fit, why not try the world’s highest bungee jump, or try the fabulous parasailing around the bay?

A holiday in South Africa is more than just a safari in the Kruger National Park, but can involve a safari of a different kind: whale watching in Plettenberg Bay with its three different types of whale, two types of dolphin and its resident seal population. What more can you expect of a country whose next stop south is the great Southern Ocean and the continent of Antarctica?

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