Masai Mara Safari Best Time to Go
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Masai Mara Safari Best Time To Go

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Masai Mara Safari Best Time To Go

Masai Mara Safari Best Time To Go. Which is the Best Safari in Africa? Some people will answer that Kenya is one of the best Safari in Africa.

Masai Mara Safari Best Time To Go. Each safari is unique. The landscapes create a different environment for what you are looking at each day. Some make it very difficult to spot animals, while others are wide open and much easier. Some safaris need 4×4 and typically you need to hire a driver, especially those in East Africa.

Self-driving is allowed at most safaris in Southern Africa, great for those independent travelers or backpackers on a budget. Finding the best safari in Africa for YOU depends on what you are looking for, but you likely will find it at one of this park: Read also: The Best Safari in Africa

One of the Best Safari in Africa: Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

This iconic park, when one thinks of a safari, rolling savannas filled with animal life unlike any other, the Masai Mara fits the bill. Popular for decades as the premier park in Africa, the action here cannot be beaten. Within minutes you can see lions, rhinos, a leopard, and some cheetahs. The big 5 are all in this park and you have a good chance of seeing all of them, possibly even in one day.

Come during the Wildebeest migration between July and early September for the most action and the famous river crossing, with the best time to come in early September.
• Self-driving is an option. The park requires 4×4 only.
• Park entry cost is $80 per day.
• Camping is available from $7 – $15 per person outside the park gates. Read also: Rwanda Travel Destinations

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