The Best Safari In Africa
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The Best Safari in Africa

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The Best Safari in Africa

The Best Safari in Africa. When driving through the scenic savanna landscape, tall grass and pristine acacia trees dot the horizon. Animals sightings are overwhelming. At first glance you will rush to your camera to take a photo of the grazing animals; giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, impala, waterbuck, and oryx. It is incredible to think of how many centuries they have roamed these lands. The real hunt while on safari is searching for the Big Five. Find elephants, rhinos, buffalo, leopards and of course lions, all come with time. On some safaris, they may come in one day.

Have you always wanted to go to a safari, but imagined an incredibly high price? If you are looking for a good safari on a budget, some are easily accessible, self-driving is allowed, and entry fees are friendly to the wallet. What about packing for a safari. There are a few essential items not to forget. With our top picks in Africa, you will see all the expected animals, including a good chance at the Big Five. Read also: Rwanda Travel Destinations

What Animals Will I See on Safari?

It is normal to see a lot of wildlife and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Expect to see A LOT of wildebeest and antelope. Some parks have a lot of elephants and giraffe. Depending on your luck and patience, seeing Lions is common, but you may only see a few. Seeing Leopards and Rhinos are rare. They are at many parks, but they are elusive. Leopards tend to hide in the trees while Rhino’s stay far from the vehicles.

Can I Go on a Safari on a Budget?

Yes, you absolutely can! Safaris in East Africa cost the most, starting with the Serengeti and Masai Mara. If you are on a tight budget, scratch your plans to visit those parks, because they will rack up a cost of several hundred each day you visit. While they are worth it, they are not budget friendly.

Safaris in South Africa and Namibia are great, which have very cheap entry fees and you can self-drive in a small sedan. Renting a car is cheap in those countries, making a safari very affordable. Another way to save money on safari is to bring or rent a tent. National Parks in Namibia and SA have campgrounds and it gets expensive if you do not intend to camp.

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