Famous tourist Places In north America
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Famous Tourist Places in North America

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Famous Tourist Places in North America

Enjoy Your Holidays With North America Places

Famous Tourist Places in North America. Niagara Falls is the second largest waterfall in the world and is located at a distance of about 120 kilometers from Toronto, Ontario. These waterfalls are in the form of a horseshoe with a height of about 60 meters. There are many facts about Niagara Falls that are interesting to know. The falls were formed by melting of the glaciers that covered Ontario during the last ice age.

There are so many famous tourist places in North America you can visit for this summer or winter holidays. As ice sheets advanced in the northward direction, Lake Ontario and the Niagara River were formed. The Falls are situated at the international border between Canada and United States. The Falls themselves are divided by the Goat Island into two sections. The section located on the Canadian side is known as Horseshoe Falls and that located on the American side is known by the name America Falls. Read: Canada Travel Vancouver

There are several other interesting facts about Niagara Falls. The voluminous amount of water that falls rapidly from the great height is the reason behind the green color of the Niagara Falls. More than 20 million visitors travel to this picturesque place every year to have a look at the fall. The flow of water is more in the months of July and August as compared to the other months.

The amount of water during the peak season can be as large as two laces cubic feet per second. The tremendous force with which waterfalls from this vast reservoir is a source of hydroelectric power. It is, in fact, the largest source of electricity in New York City. Sir Adam Beck and Robert Moses are the two important waterfalls that lie on Canadian and American sides respectively.

Canada has tremendous potential for skiing in winters. The great mountains of this country along with a substantial amount of ice makes skiing great fun. If one wants to enjoy the Canada ski holidays, then there are a number of ski resorts that can satisfy his every whim and fancy. The most popular resort is Whistler in Vancouver.

It is open to all levels of skiing. For beginners, Fitzsimmons is the best. The resort is built amidst gullies and rolling terrain that make the skiing a perfect option. There are excellent ski lodges that are available as an accommodation to the tourists. The snow near the coastal regions is wetter than that in far away areas due to the larger amount of snowfall that takes place in such areas. Read also: Arizona Travel Destinations

The skiing resorts in Canada have vertical terrain. There are also options of heli-skiing that is popular in British Columbia. Canada ski holidays can be enjoyed at reasonable prices as the ski-resorts provide budget accommodations to the visitors. The sport is highly enjoyable in Canada as the terrains are almost uncrowned and deserted.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is located in the Guadalupe Mountains in the United States. It is surrounded by sloppy mountains; this park is famous for the cave tours. The main section is known by the name Big Room and is difficult to travel due to a steep trail. This cave is made up of limestone and is about 1200 meter long. Read: US National Park Travel

There are several other rooms that are available for traveling by the tourists. Balloon Ballroom is accessible through a number of balloons that carry the visitors into the upper passage. Carlsbad Caverns National Park has several other rooms like Bat Cave, Bell Cord Room, and Bifrost Room etc. King’s Place is built in the form of a castle. In total, there are 116 caves in the Park that are inhabited by several species of bats. A number of hiking trails are also available.

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