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Trafalgar Tours Reviews

Trafalgar Tours Reviews. Trafalgar connects you with people, places, and experiences to reveal the diversity of the world. Choose from 374 Trafalgar holidays – giving you the real thing, without you having to worry about a thing. Simply the best since 1947, with feedback from over five million happy guests, including Global Journeys clients like you, which fuel Trafalgar’s innovation to craft simply the best tours. (source:

These are the reviews:

1. We enjoyed our recent tour of Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. Unlike other tours, this tour was conducted at a relaxed pace. We stayed three days in each city, so we had time to explore on our own. No waking up early every morning or spending long hours on a coach. The tour director was friendly and professional and the coach driver displayed excellent driving skills. Our accommodation was great and we had an opportunity to visit a few hidden gems while traveling from one country to another.

The optional excursions were well chosen but they were a little on the expensive side. However, we enjoyed the ones that we took as the local tour guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. Both the free transfers to the airport were in the morning and was not good for those like us who took the evening flights. Booking our tour through Global Journeys was, as always, a breeze and we want to thank in particular Georgie of Global Journeys for her excellent service.

2. This was the trip of a lifetime! I loved this trip, although the trip was busy it was jam-packed with all the best of Europe. The people I met on the tour were amazing and I appreciated the knowledge and expertise of our tour director. The accommodation was good, the optional experiences were unique and some of the best experiences on the trip. Trafalgar was great to deal with and are clearly experts in what they do. Thank you for the most amazing trip, I’ll plan my next one soon.

3. The Outlander Trail Tour was outlandishly beautiful. Sights of sheer beauty that steal one’s breath while at the same time leaving one in awe. From the highlands to the lowlands, castle ruins perched on the sides of old hilltops and deep dark lochs this tour has it all. The fact that it is themed around a popular television drama is merely a plus!

4. Wonderful holiday. There were only eleven of us but we bonded like family. Visited ancient sites, ate delicious Turkish food and had a very informative and interesting guide, called Tolga.

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