Turin Italy Travel: Visiting Turin, Italy
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Turin Italy Travel: Visiting Turin, Italy

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Turin Italy Travel: Visiting Turin, Italy

Turin Italy Travel. Turin is a historic city, which is located in the northwest area of Italy. It is known for its snow-covered peaks as well as the Po River that runs near the place. One of the most popular travel destinations is the Mole Antonelliana, which became famous because of the 2006 Winter Olympics.

If you want to go sightseeing in Turin, there are many places wherein you can enjoy the culture, arts, and history. Another reason why many tourists visit Turin is the endless shopping centers with the best designer items. Turin is definitely a haven for people who love shopping. Read also: Sicily Travel Beautiful Places

When you travel to Turin, you can have a chance to bring home handmade Italian items. There are many places in Turin where you can buy local Italian products including jewelry, chocolates, bags, accessories and many others. If you have a sweet tooth, Turin is a perfect place when it comes to chocolates with its fine chocolate factories.

Turin is in the heart of Piedmont. The beautiful Alps surround Turin, making it the best travel destination especially for people who love skiing and the cold climate during the winter season. However, Turin can have a very hot temperature in the summer months. Turin became more famous because of the Winter Olympics in 2006, which started its development. Read: Sardinia Italy Travel

Sightseeing in downtown Turin offers you the rich culture of the place because of the fascinating old churches and museums. The fifteenth century Duomo di San Giovanni of St. John’s Cathedral is located in Turin. The famous Shroud of Turin can be seen in the Chapel of the Holy Shroud or the Cappella Della Sacra Sindone. The Shroud was believed to be brought by a Savoy Royal Family in the sixteenth century in Turin.

St. Lawrence or the San Lorenzo Church is also located in the downtown area of Turin, as well as the Santa Cristina and the San Carlo Churches, which are known as the twin baroque. To add to your artistic sightseeing experience, you must go to the Chiesa Della Gran Madre di Dio, which was constructed in the nineteenth century and is believed to be built over the Holy Grail. The sixteenth-century church called the Chiesa Della Santa Maria del Monte or the Church of St. Maria of the Mountain is also a must-see. Read: Venice Vacation Destinations

When you travel to Turin, you will not only enjoy sightseeing but also enjoy a gastronomical feast. Turin is famous for the wide variety of foods, especially French cuisine due to the five hundred years of influence by the French House Savoy that ruled over Turin. Moreover, Turin is believed to be the origin of solid chocolate, as well and the ever-famous Grissini or breadsticks.

If you are craving for Italian cuisine, Turin has endless restaurants that offer authentic Italian dishes. Do not forget to try several samples of their local dishes that you will not experience in other parts of Italy.

Turin Italy is definitely one of the must-see destinations in the world. The next time you travel, include Turin in your itinerary.

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