Utrecht Netherlands Travel
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Utrecht Netherlands Travel

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Utrecht Netherlands Travel

A Brief Guide To Utrecht – Netherlands


Utrecht Netherlands Travel. Found in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht is at the crossroad of art, knowledge, commerce, and services. As the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, Utrecht is visited by many travelers because of its buildings and structures that depict the Middle Ages. After Amsterdam, Utrecht is the next destination visited by Eurail pass holders, not just because it is an important transportation hub, but every year, several cultural activities are happening within the city.

History of Utrecht

The first written history of Utrecht is traced back to 47 AD when the Romans built a fortification along the Rhine River to protect itself from Germania. During the 7th century, a missionary who became the first bishop of Utrecht built a church, which made it the religious center within the areas of the river Rhine.

In 1122, Utrecht became a chartered city and became an important region in the North of Holland. In 1579, Utrecht became the site for the signing of an agreement between the provinces of Netherlands when they rebelled against Philip II of Spain. Under William of Orange and John of Nassau, Netherlands was united. Since then, Utrecht prospered into the city that it is today. Read also: Amsterdam Travel

Thing To Do In Utrecht

Utrecht is a place with so many museums. There is the Railway Museum, which displays different trains and rail tracks. It is not just for the adult. Young ones will also have a great time since the experience is interactive and educational. The St. Catherine’s Convent is a history museum. The Central Museum, located half a mile from the center of the city, is both an art and history museum.

The Aboriginal Art Museum, just a walking distance from the city’s center, is a must-see place. It displays aboriginal paintings with an audio-visual presentation about the Aborigines. The Kasteel Museum Sypesteyn is located seven miles from the city at Nieuw Loosdrecht. Read: European Travel Destinations

It is a castle turned into an art gallery museum. There is also the Marienhof Culinary Museum for culinary arts enthusiasts. Lastly, the National Museum has a wide range of displays – from Musical Clock to Street Organ. Visitors can play with musical instruments and a guided tour gives information on the history of several musical instruments.

Domkerk and Domtoren is another place to go in Utrecht. Just within the city center, this cathedral, with a tower that can be reached with over 400 steps, is a must-visit place in Utrecht. And for those who wanted to explore UNESCO’s Heritage Sites, Utrecht has one with the Rietveld Schroder House. According to UNESCO, this house, which follows the architectural principles of De Stijl, is an important icon in the history of Western architecture.

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